Why Use USDTK?

USDTK Advantage

Stable currency preservation

If you encounter extreme market, you can borrow a stable legal tender avoid risks. But in currency currency trading, but they can only hope to find a similar law as hedge currency stable digital currency, USDTK is such a stable currency.

Make currency price more intuitive

USDTK because it is equivalent to the US dollar, 1USDTK = $ 1. How much each currency = USDTK, that is, its price is how much the dollar. Currently it supports international dollars tokens (eg: USDT) to do large transactions settlement platform assets, including: Poloniex, Bitfinex, Kraken and so on.

Obstacles can not be currency transactions flow lines

Effortlessly and Walker BaoJinGong chain and other Chinese grams of gold trading platform closely involved more asset trading and trading platform, all traders to execute trades in a more rapid response and more rapid trade orders, and do not delay. But also greatly enhance the daily limit daily charge Zhi put coins and speed.

Exchange transactions without borders

It can be through a certified and secure point-matching trading platform, with assets or agents (changers) direct transactions, in order to achieve the result of legal tender and the exchange of digital assets, trading truly borderless.

The flow speed

It is the method of settlement currency assets block chain, users can more easily stored and circulation. By block chain wallet, you can offline transactions, fast and convenient.

To the center of Exchange

USDTK can be carried out in China grams of gold chain public its unique ‘decentralized exchange’ transactions, tamper-proof, anti-hacking, all trading books are permanently stored in the block chain network.

The flow of digital assets

USDTK grams of gold in China can maintain public circulation chain groups and organizations, including the maintenance of business circles community, to really solve problems or taking a trip among the living, simply open the WCG purse or wallet third-party applications can be completed transfer payment purposes.

Exchange digital assets

USDTK application is carried out in the public scene, grams of gold chains, Walker gold chain which are unique to the public “to the center of the trading range,” have to meet the commercial property maintenance issue groups, crowdfunding, the role of circulation, then the sentence Walker saying that any support gold chain business public body and therefore can care chain, which can be issued asset package, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), while USDTK up a very important position, can be “dollar equivalent assets” new assets exchange and trade.

The nature of the application development flow

USDTK development and application not only solve the “token” issue, it’s critical living conditions are “negotiable” issue, on the basis of the equivalent of US dollar assets has under it to maintain and increase function, and can be implemented by other hardware and software applications “circulation” value, including digital transaction “ATM”, “Subscription machine”, and even two-way machine.

The advantages of easy and convenient storage

The primary storage conditions of USDTK must be safe, reliable, no tampering, followed by preservation conditions in these two important basis for the next, in order to facilitate the flow of play USDTK universal value, so USDTK will be at the forefront of today’s science and technology development “cold storage card”, USDTK may be stored in a memory card, make payments and transfer functions.Blockchain is revolutionizing our digital world and we want to transform the technology to innovation products.

Prospects USDTK changers analysis

In the development of commercial economy driven USDTK scarcity, it is the future of trading assets rigid demand, it is more transparent, secure, and have decentralized characteristics, anti-hacking, tampering, and has a huge Walker BaoJinGong chain maintenance of group consensus mechanism, it can also be used for other commercial purposes.

The docking USDTK numerous exchanges have to solve the problem of cash flow block chain, your agent is an international gold exchange point flow path is rigid demand, grams of gold chains and public block chain.

All kinds of digital assets is a huge ups and downs during the bear market, stock USDTK can keep your assets should be preserved, because it is a decentralized digital currency on dollar clearing assets, meaning. During the bull market, you can very quickly deal with USDTK other digital assets, such as BTC, ETH, WCG, and so on.

Market Background?