How it Works?

USDTK Ecological Protection Fund

USDTK settlement assets belonging to the equivalent amount of dollars, as the club members need to have assets to ensure the credibility, in order to effectively maintain the ecological USDTK. USDTK protection fund can effectively maintain the ecosystem of development, in the event of an emergency credit conditions, the Fund will be enabled. Hong Kong has a sound world-class financial regulatory system, thus protecting the fund management committee was established to USDTK “World Gold Fund Asset WORLD GOLD CAPITAL FUND” in Hong Kong as a protection fund USDTK.

How to Transfer USDTK?

To trading platform

Ramada assets USDTK You can get the equivalent amount of dollars to storage, sale and transfer point through the trading platform on the market. When the transaction is completed, USDTK directly into each other’s WCG block chain wallet.

Be-table deals

You can transfer money to each other by Walker package, only we need each other to provide Walker Gold account and a public key.

USDTK Advantage?