What is USDTK?


Price stability encrypted digital currency (Stable Digital Currency) has been considered the block chain system in the ‘Holy Grail’ killer application in the field of a block chain, based on decentralized low volatility and stable currency will encrypt entire currency ecological relevance and bring new mainstream applications. In order to make national traders to trade in their countries quickly and easily to digital assets, international block chain R & D Club INTERNATIONAL BLOCKCHAIN RESEACH CLUB (IBRC) issued to facilitate the circulation of USDTK (US dollars of assets) in Walker BaoJinGong chain, which means China public grams of gold chain first settled in US dollars legal tender liquid assets will officially be enabled. One kind of legal tender equivalent value linked to digital assets, namely 1 USDTK equivalent to US $ 1 equivalent of foreign currency assets. On the technical side, in order to Walker USDTK public chain of gold currency of the underlying technology for the 2.0 release, so USDTK of trade confirmations and other parameters are derived from the block chain continues to the center of Walker gold, tamper-proof, anti-hacker characteristics such protocols.

USDTK Detailed parameters:

Chinese name Ramada assets
English abbreviation USDTK
Issuing organization International R & D block chain Club
Release date August 8, 2018
Constant total issued 2 Bai billion (pieces)
The core algorithm SHA256, Curve25519
Main features: Price stability encrypted digital currency (dollar equivalent assets 1USDTK = 1)

Issuance Program:

USDTK Ecological Protection Fund?