Market Background

Since the birth of the Internet, the block chain is regarded as one of the most disruptive technology, the current market value of the entire encrypted digital currency markets more than $ 1 trillion, marking the heat of the block chain technology industry has reached a new height, block the assets highlights the value chain. From early 2017 start, warming up all kinds of tokens to represent Poloniex pure digital asset trading platform, for example, monthly visits increased sharply from 2.7 million in February to May of 30 million people.

Average daily trading volume reached 800 million US dollars. Even with transaction fees of 0.2% to calculate the average daily income can reach 160 million US dollars. And the market is still expanding rapidly. Behavior of states on the block chain assets, from the prohibition to recognize, to support legislation and other actions, marked the block chain assets is the future trend of development, digital asset block chain technology is also now require the financial industry , the innovation.

Barriers to Market Development

Limitations of the current block chain settlement

Current encryption currency price volatility is one of the biggest obstacles facing the current encryption currency. The difference is that the legal tender, today’s encryption currency without a central bank to implement monetary policy in order to maintain a stable purchasing power, which means that changes in demand will lead to price volatility. If you are not sure of their purchasing power accounts will remain stable, they will never adopt an encryption currency price stability as a substitute medium of exchange.

In addition, in the absence of price stability, the debt and credit markets is difficult to form an encryption on currency, because the future of each payment of the contract must charge a premium, in response to price risk. For example: If an encrypted continued volatility in the purchasing power of money, then we can not use encryption monetary wages or daily pay, although many studies have committed to monetary encryption technology topics, such as transaction throughput and intelligence contracts, but in comparison in raising the price stability hardly noticed, we think this is a bigger barrier to extensive use of encryption currency as a medium of exchange. In other words, if there is no stable currency, using the block chain of large-scale promotion certainly no way, no way to get money into the homes of ordinary people encryption scenes of life use.

Asset trading platform block chain pain points

Block chain asset trading platform is mainly divided into two categories: one involving the lawful currency trading platform, providing block chain assets and fiat currency transaction exchange service (against the legal tender currency); the other is pure block chain assets platform between the transaction (currency against the currency). We expect pure block chain will scale far beyond the exchange of assets based on the exchange of legal tender. Based on the vast majority of countries do not support the legal tender currency exchange trading platform, or that are off the direct exchange between legal tender of channels and digital assets, except for a few players out of the market, the majority of the player base has fought coins currency trading platform that is not cases involving legal tender, digital currency trading with each other. In the case of legal tender can not approach, and currency trading currency of choice for most players.

If you want to make digital money becomes a truly viable medium of exchange or a unit of account, to ensure price stability in the currency demand is very urgent. On the one hand is the existence and value of safe-haven demand due to the transfer of the demand, on the other hand digital assets is still much room for growth, price stability tokens to play an increasingly important role in the token system. In addition to the application, stable currency transactions on behalf of the application of the block chain intelligence contracts are also very important. This digital USDTK stable currency assets to realize the full potential of the block chain technology has a vital role. After all, the use of encryption currencies, businesses and consumers do not want to unnecessary fluctuations.

USDTK Potential Market

As the preface, has a price stability of monetary encryption is the basic needs of the vast majority of decentralized applications, which makes it a potential market of at least USDTK larger than the entire block chain industry. As an encrypted digital currency price stability, the following are USDTK ready for immediate use potential market include: –

Applications & Gaming Market forecast: The forecast is not associated with betting money, people do not want to use encryption currency price instability to a bet. Especially for those who bet the price of an asset to future price instability, the long dimension of gambling can not be achieved. As an alternative, similar USDTK price stability has encryption and betting money market users is the natural choice for the prediction.

Financial markets: hedge risk, derivatives, leveraged transactions. USDTK enables users to more easily leverage. USDTK as a stable and reliable mortgage assets, can be used in intelligent customized derivatives contracts, such as options and CFDs.

Business receipts, remittances and cross-border transactions: the transaction point, low transfer fee, and get rid of the middleman, which means USDTK can significantly reduce the transaction costs of international trade.

Transparent accounting system: individuals, businesses, charities and non-profit organizations can USDTK part and achieve more efficient through the use of low billing system corruption.

Application Scenarios

Customer released USDTK withdrawals local legal tender request

Locals sea changers orders ATM transaction request

Platform will freeze the customer’s USDTK

Changers currency exchange local law to give customers

After the customer to determine the collection, the platform will be released in USDTK Changers

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